Reindeer sledding and Sami meeting

Sami reindeer experience
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Join our reindeer sledding, and meet the indigenous people of Norway, the Samis, on this enrichening day tour. You will learn about the lifestyle of the Samis and their massive reindeer herds, try reindeer sledding, eat the traditional sami food, and listen to sami stories.

Ideal location for a daytime reindeer tour, and evening lights tour

Our reindeer sledding and Sami meeting is just under in the northern lights belt, so you can join this comfortable day tour while you wait for you next northern lights adventure in the evening. Tromso city is situated among islands, breathtaking fjord landscapes and dramatic mountain peaks.

This trip is conducted by one of the other quality tour operators we have here, not by us.

After you have sent a booking request, we will search for the best available tour