drying room and fish cleaning/storage facilities


Guests in Laukvik can make full use of our drying room and fish cleaning/storage facilities, which are located alongside each other right by the sea.


Drying room

This is an excellent place to store and dry your outdoor clothing and other equipment. Every apartment/cabin has its own drying rack here.

This will probably be the first place you visit at the resort as we use this building for check-in and check-out for holiday accommodation and boats.


Fish cleaning facilities
This charming seaside building complete with a turf roof is an important place for keen fishermen. You will find plenty of bench space and sinks with freshwater. There are two separate filleting rooms. There facilities are also ideal for hunters to prepare animals/bird or for berry pickers to prepare their berries.


Adjacent to the filleting rooms, you will find a large freezer room (10 m²) with separate shelves for each apartment/cabin and a smaller cold storage room (3 m²) where you can store your catch.


This is also a good place to change your clothing before and after your fishing trip or other adventures.